Best traffic exchange sites – How to use traffic exchange

What is Traffic Exchange?

Firstly let’s talk about what is a traffic exchange

A traffic exchange is a service where participants can exchange traffic with other website owners. There are a large number of sites in the exchange and, for the sake of convenience, they are automatically seen. Each participant visits the websites of other members via a browser and receives the same way.

The traffic is in Google Analytics. It can be used to increase the number of visitors and statistics of a website or blog. Full control is given by some of the functions listed below.


How to earn free unlimited traffic 2018
Free Traffic(free method)

best traffic exchange sites

Hello, friends today we will see how we can get unlimited traffic on your website or blog.

For gaining free unlimited traffic on our website we have two websites.
These best traffic exchange sites do the same work that is they exchange traffic.

In order to gain free unlimited traffic on website firstly we have to sign up on these websites.both of the websites provide their software through which we can earn points just by downloading and running this software in the background. These software will automatically surf the sites and will collect points for us which we can use for taking traffic to our site.

best traffic exchange sites >>
1) Hitleap – website traffic

2) 10k hits

Features of traffic exchange website Hitleap

best traffic exchange sites
Traffic Exchange

1) Geographic orientation
HitLeap provides traffic from around the world. You can choose from our wide selection of countries to receive geo-targeted traffic.

2)Browser variety
HitLeap broadcasts hit from several popular web browsers. Our traffic includes desktop computers and mobile devices.

3)Traffic source
Get traffic from anywhere From a website of your choice, use specific keywords or ask visitors to enter your site directly. It is also possible to attract visitors from a social networking website.

4)Reduced bounce rate
Get visible traffic on the website for any web analytics service with a significantly reduced bounce rate. This also allows you to more accurately calculate the duration of your visit.

5)Levels of traffic quality
Choose the quality of your traffic. Each level offers a better duration of the visit, more features and bonuses.

6)Traffic limits
Set the daily or total limit to have total control of your website traffic.


best traffic exchange sites Paid plans

These are the trusted websites whole over the world.

These websites also come with 3 paid plans in which can customise your traffic and will get more other benefits which are not available on the free one.

In free plan there are some limitations like you can only add 3 websites, you will not be given any bonus points and lot more but in the paid plans you will get all these benefits.

The paid plan will cost you from $10 to $30 on “10k hits” and on “hitleap” it will cost $14 to $39 per month.

best traffic exchange sites

Another way of earning from these best traffic exchange sites

You can earn money by giving your service to freelancer, there is a huge demand for traffic on these. People give hundreds of dollar for sending traffic on their website and you can charge money from them. For example, people ask for 100 visitors on his websites per day then you can charge them $5-$10 as per the traffic. Use this software regularly to earn more points and to have more benefits. You can also download both of the software to have double benefits.

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