How To Install Android P : Android P Review

How To Install Android P

How To Install Android P >> After all, the name of Android P has been revealed by Google for Android users. Android has named its operating system as Android Pie operating system. Android 9 Pie is being made in the Google pixel series. Now they have introduced the stable version of Android P.

The biggest change made in Android 9 Pie

The design of its user interface has been changed, which now does not come with three navigation buttons and uses gestures. The launch of the Android 9 gestural interface is not as smooth as it has been seen in Apple’s iPhone X, but this feature shows the advance of moving Google in a different direction. Especially when all premium smartphones have started offering an AGE TO AGE screen design. In addition to the redesigned interface, Android 9 foot comes with a new feature called Digital Wellbeing, which will show you the unlocking of the device and will record the use of the app’s screen time.

Digital Wellbeing pixels are available for the phone as beta and after this final version, they will also be available to the general public. Google has improved design assignments by editing the rounded icon and the colourful interface within the configuration. Other features include a rotation lock that occurs when the device is turned on, even if the automatic rotation icon is disabled. There are many more good changes within the operating system that will be offered in the later stage. For now, if you are missing a pixel or a pixel 2, below you can see how to download and install this latest Google Pie.

How To Install Android P : Android P 9.0 review
How To Install Android P : Android P 9.0 review

How To Install Android P?

First Method: Download Updates

The easiest way to get Android 9 Pie on Google Pixels or on Pixel 2 smartphones is to download OTA updates. Last night, Google had announced that it had begun to release updates for its pixel smartphone. To get updates, you can check it by going to Google pixels, pixel XL, pixels 2 and pixel 2xl system users> system updates> updates. The update will be released gradually and, if available for your smartphone with pixels, the notification will appear on your device.

The update must be downloaded automatically and, once completed, you will be asked to restart the device. Since it is a new feature update, its download size will range between 1 GB and 1.2 GB. If you are running Android Pie beta, the download size can be around 50 MB. When your smartphone restarts after the update, then you understand that you are ready to run Android Pie.

Android Pie 9.0 Review (How To Install Android P)

Second form: Android 9 PIE flashing on the device itself.
If you do not want to wait for updates over the air, you can update the latest version of Android on your device yourself. The flash process takes a long time and flashing takes time to pay close attention. The first step in this process is to download matching files from your device. Google has already released the factory image and the OTA files of Android Pie for the four pixels of smartphones. Once you download the required files, you can update your device by viewing how to update the device below.

To flash the device, you will first need a cooperative device and a USB cable to connect your device to your computer. You must also install the Android SDK on your computer with ADB and the Fastboot command. After that, it also installs software like 7zip to open .gz and .tar files and then unlock the bootloader.

How To Install Android P

How to unlock BOOTLOADER
1. The first step is to enable the developer option by entering “About phone” and pressing “Billing number” seven times. Once this is done, a pop-up message will appear in which “Now you are a developer”.
2. Now, go to “Developer Options” and enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking on your device.
3. Connect the USB cable to your PC and smartphone with pixels.
4. Open the Command window on your PC.
5. Boot your bootloader on your pixel device using the command here: adb restart bootloader (if you request authorization, select the Yes option).
6. When your device boots in bootloader mode, type this command: Fastboot flashing unlock.
7. A confirmation screen will appear. To start the bootloader unlocking process, press the Volume Up button to highlight the Yes and Power buttons.
8. Once unlocked, your device will restart in bootloader mode. Now to finish the process you just need to type fastboot reboot.
Android Flash Pie on your pixel device

How To Install Android P

How To Install Android P : Android P 9.0 review

The process of flashing the ROM is easy to use when downloading the files, but its success is not always guaranteed. So do this only if you have a good sense of it.

How To Install Android P
Here are your steps:
1. To check if there is communication between your device and the Fastboot device of the PC, go to the bootloader menu: if the PC shows the serial number of your device, it means that you have good communication between the two devices. they have taken.
2. Then go to the folder where you downloaded the factory image for your pixel device. Now, use the software as 7zip to open the downloaded .tgz file and then eject the .tar file extracted from the .tgz file.
3. Now copy all those files and paste them into the Android SDK folders on your computer, then go to the platform-tools folder. This folder is located in the Program Files (x86) folder on Windows.

4. It contains two flash-all files. Windows users will have to double-click on the gear logo and right click on “Windows command file”. If you are using Linux, double-click

5. A box will appear and the installation will begin. However, do not unplug your device for any reason while running the installation.

6. When the installation process is complete, your device restarts automatically. Then you can disconnect your device from your computer and use Android 9 Pie. GOOGLE
Please don’t follow these steps if you are a beginner or you don’t have good knowledge about it.


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