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 AGE 32

About Sandeep Maheshwari: (Sandeep Maheshwari net worth)


Sandeep Maheshwari- A story of young Indian entrepreneurs who want to be game changers first up is the story of a man who’s going to help you bring down your advertising cost quite significantly and he also helps you move from idea to execution a lot faster.

He has the story of Sandeep Maheshwari and his website images Bazaar calm he shot to fame at the life-size photographer and then could be entrepreneurial group meets and eat my Ashbury a shutterbug who in 2006 founded images bazaar comp a photo Bank on the web some deeds photo eat a business provides ready to use digital stock images to the fourteen thousand four of the Indian advertising industry so that they can go from idea to execution faster loft with just eight thousand images today the web portal hosts more than six lakh images that are tagged across categories like fashion business health fitness and Indian culture, not a new concept but Sandeep’s USP is clear Indian images relevant to Indian advertisers before doing any shoot the first step is to think about what we need to shoot because no matter how good the shot is if it’s not relevant then there is no point in doing it so what we do is we have got a creative research team they do law research on our site because there are millions and millions of searches which happens on our site every month so they actually consolidate that entire data and come up with some ideas on what the clients are searching for on what users are searching for on our website.

Features of :

  • Unique concept.

  • Niche & large market.

  • Cheaper & faster Execution for the user.

  • Single & strong brand.

Accordingly we plan out the shoots that we need to do and then the next step is to prepare the storyboard we have got creative directors who actually do some kind of sketching and who take out the reference charts and we plan out like say how that shoot would go then another step is the arranging of the entire production part of it in which we need to coordinate the models location makeup artist stylist photographers and everybody, (Sandeep Maheshwari net worth)

there is a complete team of people involved in every shooter so once that’s done once the shoot is done then there is a process of post-production in which we need to retouch those images and need to do not block editing on those images and then the next step is keywording in which you need to give keywords to those images so that people can actually search for because there are so many images that out of this search engine if even if somebody wants to search for say a family at home watching television then also images should pop up so that means we need to give at least fifty to sixty keywords for each and every image which is there on a site with the spot line or contextual photography images bizarre calm manages fifty to sixty shoots in a month according to user search and preferences self funded with a couple of lakh rupees the venture clicked with its users from the very beginning and in three years of its operation images Bazar comms revenues have taken flight 26.2 Crowe routine investing up to eighty thousand to a lakh rupees on every shoot images Bazar comm sells its digital snapshots on exclusive or non-exclusive rights. Sandeep Maheshwari net worth

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