Statue of Unity height : The Harsh Reality, full Analysis.

  • The world’s tallest statue is now in our country. Statue of unity’s height is 182 m. What a proud moment, right?  now the whole world looks at us with respect. lakhs and crores of people will visit the statue and it will promote the tourism industry. this will increase the number of jobs and what tribute we have given to Sardar Patel by making his world’s tallest statue this is not said by me, this what we get to hear about the statue of unity.

so, let’s look at the various aspects of this statue like economical, cultural, social, political and aspects related to tourism and pride and analyze this statue completely.

statue of unity height

let’s find out the truth of this statue.



Statue of Unity reality check

The entire cost of this whole project is around 3000 crore rupee. where the approximate cost of only the statue itself is estimated to rupee 1,350 crores. which is 180 million dollars as per today’s conversion rate. in comparison to this, the tallest statue of spring temple, China. now, this has become the second tallest statue and the entire cost of this project was 55 million dollars. and just the statue cost 18 million dollars. just compare that the world’s second tallest statue was built in 18 million dollars. there’s a difference of 10 times here. and if you compare the heights then the statue of unity stands tall at 182 m whereas the height of the spring temple, Buddha statue is 128 m. so, the difference in the heights is not 10 times.

statue of unity height

so, the question here is that what is that special here to have a rice difference of 10 times. you can keep inflation into account too spring temple Buddha was constructed 10-15 years ago. but there isn’t any significant inflation too and if you look at the statue exterior there aren’t any significant differences as well.

statue of unity height

It’s not like that the statue of unity is made up of gold. so the first question rises here is on the statue’s economics some people might say that all the money used here will get recover in few years trough tourism. let’s analyze.

statue of unity height

India’s most popular and visited tourist attraction is taj mahal attracts 8 million tourists from worldwide every year. but only 25 crores of rupees is generated yearly as the revenue. if we look in the broad sense and statue of unity gets popular as much as the taj mahal then only 25 crores rupees can be earned yearly that means it will take 120 years to break even the cost of 3000 crore rupees. let’s move into more specifics statue of unity is not taj mahal, I don’t think that even 10% of all the visitor who visits taj mahal can come here. I will be surprised if even 1 million visitors will come at the statue of unity. I will tell you the reason for this, but if we assume that even if we assume that even 1 million visitors come to visit the statue of unity and buys the most expensive ticket of 350 rupees to see the observation deck. the height of statue of unity

so, 350 rupees multiplied by 1 million is 350 million rupees so 35 crore rupees statue of unity will generate every year.

statue of unity height

  • Will the statue ever be profitable?

looking at this, it looks like the government didn’t pay wed towards the profitability of the statue. The presence of the statue is a waste of our tax. In terms of tourism statue of unity will not become an important tourist destination in my opinion.

statue of unity height

let me tell you the reason:

Reason #1

  • Location:

World’s famous attraction is always near some famous cities. all the world’s famous attraction is around some big city statue of liberty is it Paris. This is a very important reason for the popularity of these two monuments worldwide. And the from statue of unity, Ahmadabad is 4 hours away and Mumbai 8 hours away due to this reason many people will not come to see the statue of unity.

  • Uniqueness:

that is there should be some unique factor in any tourist attraction which can make it, and unfortunately, I don’t find any such unique thing in the statue of unity. Be its style or the choice of colors or the pose all these things you can see in any ordinary statue and say that it’s the tallest statue is not something unique. A very good example of this is the ng temple, Buddha. How many of you knew already that this was the world’s tallest statue prior to the making of this one?

In fact, even after being the tallest statue doesn’t come under China’s top 10 attraction.

  • Beauty:

statue of unity is not very beautiful or attractive, no offense to Sardar but if you look at the pose or the construction. you can yourself say will you prefer looking at Meenakshi temple Ajanta Elora, red fort, Taj Mahal or will you prefer watching a statue?

  • Will tourist even visit this?

you will be surprised to know friends that 360 monuments come under ASI but only 16 monuments have entry tickets to generate the revenue basic amenities are missings from many monuments basic services are missings if these monuments were upgraded and entry tickets are levied it would have been a great encouragement and return of investment would have been good too and encouraged tourism as well.


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